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Congrats to our partners MLB Construction on the launch of their new website! https://t.co/g3e6NEmIaW https://t.co/v30VNfIj8y
Did you know that Codify does logo design? Check out a recent logo makeover we completed for MLB Construction Servi… https://t.co/3t5cU5dt5N
Congrats to our client ElectriSpecNY for releasing their new website today! https://t.co/aIA9LfD4Wy Call us if you… https://t.co/MVqUSk6PKT
The Minneapolis Institute of Art and 3M team up to roll out a new AR app for museum goers https://t.co/02izycmDjD
Were seeking new clients! Have a cool new idea for a mobile app? Give us a call and let’s get started.
Check out our latest project at https://t.co/me9Lg1Cs1b This project came complete with a blog and e-commerce compo… https://t.co/N9MHNuEghS
Have your food and drinks delivered at the next ball game with the Unity Game Changer app! Check out their new webs… https://t.co/Znn5ZSRdQb
From the Codify Blog: The Dawn of Augmented Reality Apps and the Markets They are Affecting https://t.co/sp0BdfZLGK https://t.co/0M36V8SaBH
New from the Codify Blog, Why the Initial Mockup Phase is the Most Important Step in App Development… https://t.co/T6sLnJLMXT
This week from the Codify blog, The Benefits of Outsourcing Your App Development Project. Don't try to do everythin… https://t.co/eZtuAqVMXT
Test Driven Development - The importance of writing tests before you start to code https://t.co/OMWbDhuu4E
Top new virtual reality headsets under $50 from the Codify blog https://t.co/0WDT8WwydZ https://t.co/jD5Dg2xK5g
Our new company website is up and running! Head over there and check it out! https://t.co/LQUh34n1yo https://t.co/HZRHHhTnaZ
Take time to reflect on all of your wonderful accomplishments throughout this year! Keep pushing yourself to do more in 2018! 🤩
Wishing you a very safe and happy holiday from Codify! 🎁
2018 is almost here! AR is going to change the way we live and work in a big way this year. Here are some ways augm… https://t.co/dclFyqPdPB
Airbnb looking into the prospect of VR and AR integration to show off rental listings! https://t.co/nUEvRel2gb
Ways to improve your app development timeline and create a better finished product https://t.co/Q2svKxMCnJ
Keep yourself protected online, set Chrome to launch Incognito by default https://t.co/tNmjCoWFLe
Facebook's new program for startups and students in India set to spread VR tech https://t.co/NyoV7ez91Dhttps://t.co/I0q4wKOY4v